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collecting employees! !!

Pho specialty store Kanazawa station square store

April 1st NEW OPEN
Either Saturday or Sunday is welcome !!
10 opening staff!

Vietnamese restaurant

Kanazawa station square store

1-5-15 Hirooka, Kanazawa City Zeon Building 4th floor

Company name: Nichichokyu Co., Ltd.

Store name: FOODVn --X3

Tel 070 8558 2286

Person in charge: Ikegami

* We are looking for people who can work at lunch time and dinner time! Free catering

【Employment status】
part-time job

★ Hall or kitchen full-time is also OK


  • 【job description】
    Restaurant (hall staff), kitchen assistance

  • Pour drinks, serve desserts, etc.-Customers' welcome, guidance, etc.

  •   Simple cooking assistance, preparation, washing place, etc.

    ――――   I would like customer information, order taking (handwriting), seat information, and simple washing using the dishwasher.

Hourly wage 950 yen ~ 

* Transportation fee provision, salary increase available

【Working hours】
9: 30-22: 30
* Consultation from 3 days a week, 3 hours a day

1 minute walk from Kanazawa Station

[Treatment / Benefits]
Transportation fee provisions Uniform rental Raises Yes Free meals

[Holiday / Vacation]
Shift system, GW, Obon, summer
Winter vacation * Shift decision every 2 weeks

Inexperienced welcome! Rest assured that the employee's hall staff will teach you carefully about the together

【Application method】
Feel free to TEL! No resume required

TEL: 07085582286

[Post-application process]
Please feel free to talk about your "like this" such as how to work. You are free to dress at the time of the interview, so please come in your usual clothes. Hiring is personality-oriented, so you don't need a resume at the time of the interview.

Hand holding a banh mi in Hoi An, Vietnam
Vietnamese woman harvesting water lilies with her son on a boat in Dong Thap, Vietnam
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